Automatic Transplanters for vegetable fields

TTS is the leading provider of innovative, high quality, reliable automatic transplanters for vegetable fields. These machines meet the needs of the horticultural and forestry industries. With the automation of TTS the multiple handling of trays can be reduced and productivity increased. And it saves time! Our automatic transplanters have been operating for a long time and ensure great comfort for the worker. Depending on the type of transplanter or combinations of robots, the machines have an indicative production up to 6000 plants per row per hour.

Vegetable Seedling Trays

TTS fully automated transplanters can work with most vegetables propagation trays in different sizes. Most used tray's are Proptek vegetable plug trays.


Tray Handling Systems

TTS B.V. can also deliver u other severals types of Robotics. U must think about the brands ABB, Fanuc and Comau.

What this means for you, is that TTS B.V. can advice and inquire different solutions to the palletising wish of the customer.