KMR-1 Single Rower

Available from 3 till 8 rows, row spacings from 30 inch/75 cm, plant space from 6 inch/15 cm, output average 5000 plants p/h, suitable for planting bresicas, salads, sugarcane and tomatoes, flat or raised beds, automatic ground pression controlled.

The most advanced transplanter on the market today. TTS has developed over the years both selective and non-selective automatic transplanters.

Many years of research and developments has been put into this program. Our machines are simple, compact, and reliable. Every automatic transplanter model from TTS removes the seedling from the tray with a specially designed gripping head.

Our machines have an automatic plant distance control to change the distances in the row, easy depth control. This brings our automatic transplanter to a very simple to use and highly productive machine.

Planting speed may reduce due seedling configuration.

KMR-1 Single Rower

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