Automatic Vegetable Field Transplanters

The most advanced transplanters on the market today. Single, double and multi row machines. Read more about our transplanters today. 

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Vegetable Seedling Trays

TTS fully automated transplanters can work with most vegetables propagation trays in different sizes. Most trays  are Proptek trays.

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Tray Handling System

TTS B.V. can also deliver u other severals types of Robotics. U must think about the brands ABB, Fanuc und Comau.

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TTS: Your ideal partner in horticulture

TTS is the cutting edge developer of machineries in horticulture and forestry industries.

Our state-of-the-art products and systems save our customers time and money by enhancing automatic plant handling technology.

Agricultural, horticultural and forestry companies worldwide are under pressure to work smarter to achieve higher productivity and to stay competitive.

At TTS we focus on complex plant handling and production challenges by developing practical designs, reliable products and integrated mechanical solutions.

In close cooperation with our global customers we resolve production issues and enable them to drive their business to higher efficiency rates, greater productivity, bigger growth and increased profitability.

TTS sells and services its products worldwide.

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