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TTS BV3 days ago
TTS fully automatic transplanters and Proptek heavy duty propagation trays are a perfect combination! Have you already heard about the TTS Double Rower?

This cutting-edge, completely automatic equipment can plant up to 8 rows at a time and can handle a wide range of crops including (romaine) lettuce, cauliflower and broccoli, with an average output of 7500 plants per robot.

Proptek’s injection molded, heavy duty and reusable containers provide optimum air-pruning and root-training in the greenhouse for healthy, vigorous young plants which thrive when transplanted into the field.

By combining Proptek containers with TTS automatic transplanters, growers can benefit from reliable, efficient equipment to produce the healthiest plants, time and time again.

Interested in going automatic? Let us know!
TTS BV1 week ago
We love this sight, because this means we are going to make some growers very happy! 🌱These automatic transplanters are on their way to their new location.

When there is bad weather we want to make sure that our robots arrive safe at their destination. Therefore, we wrap them completely to make sure they can resist all the influences during their journey.

We take care of our and your machines! 💚


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